Just Opened // Phoenix Coqui

Phoenix Coqui is Phoenix’s first Puerto Rican food truck! As a native to the East Coast, I’m so glad that I finally get a chance to satisfy my PR cravings. “Coqui” is actually a type of singing frog in Puerto Rico, and the truck sports a symbol of the frog on its outside. We wanted to order the Tripleta, a type of all meats sandwich and the guy ahead of us in line got the last one! Alas, we ordered chicken and pizza empanadas, and both were tasty. The casing of the empanada was crisp and easy to bite into, and the chicken had a gracious amount. Both empanadas were made to order, so the food was piping hot and fresh to taste. Now I know that if I need my Puerto Rican cravings fixed, I can go find them. My only tip is to keep in mind that they are a fairly new food truck, they just opened last month, so they have a limited amount of menu items. (I’ll be sure to try the Tripleta next time.)


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