Review // Simon’s Hot Dogs

Simon’s is a gem for vegans and vegetarians, but also for regular go lucky hot dog lovers as well. When reviewing the menu, I wanted everything so I ended up ordering three hot dogs. My first dog was the Tokyo Madness – complete with wasabi mayo and seeweed with a beef dog; it was definitely my favorite; the flavors meshed together and I love that they were on a hot dog- who knew?! I then tried their signature dog, the Colombian, which has pineapples and crushed potato chips. I was a little skeptical but complete with the pork dog, it worked surprising well in combination. Finally I ordered a California dog with mushrooms and cheese. After having the more decadent dogs, this one didn’t shine as brightly as the others, but was still a great mix of flavors and approach to a vegan dog. I’ve never tried a vegan hot dog before, the consistency was closer to something like a garden burger? (I have no benchmark for this one!) I actually did have a bite of my vegan friend’s vegan burger and that was one of the best non-meat burgers I’ve had. It reminded me of a Big Mac! I’d go back and reorder it with a few of the hot dogs as well. The coolest thing about Simon’s? The owner/chef is not even vegan but she creates vegan options for the vegan community. That deserves so much respect in itself but she also does it with such gusto that I tap my hat off to her. Now I see why Simon’s is so awesome!

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