Event // MATCH Restaurant & Cocktails at FOUND:RE Hotel

If you’re a creative type, if you appreciate worldly food, if you love your local community, than MATCH is the type of establishment that shares the same values as you.
The event included informative talks that spoke about how the hotel is not just a hotel it’s a gallery and also a restaurant, too. I’d call this place a true triple threat because they do all things well. We took a walking tour of the hotel, the rooms are gorgeous with innovative ways of approaching a new hotel room; a small example is the way that electric sockets pop up so you don’t forget your charger, or that a sink is half in the common area and half in the bathroom so two people can use it at once, or that a bed facing the window can let you see a sunrise when you wake up in the morning.
The food itself was phenomenal. I think my tastebuds will never recover from how good everything tasted, from fresh octopus made to order to alcohol ice pops, to paella and fresh oysters – it was as if I took a trip but never left home.

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