Feature // Frida Forks PHX

Happy birthday Frida! Spread good Frida vibes and go on our self guided Frida Food Tour in honor of her birthday.

Frida Diego Pops

Diego Pops: Pair a contemporary leather wearing pastel pink Frida with Brussel Sprout nachos.

Frida TTW

Tacos Tequila & Whiskey: Choose the pork belly “Agridulce” and cheers with a bartender recommended whiskey or beer and a rainbow haired Frida.

Frida Chico Malo

Chico Malo: Order a duck carnitas taco with a candied pecan crunch and a side of Frida pretzel braids and hipster glasses.


El Panzon y Frida: Taste rolled octopus with spicy aioli and pomegranate for not just the tender side of octopus, but the tender side of Frida.


Bonus: The Heard Museum is the only North American stop to house Frida’s paintings on a world tour. This First Friday, July 7, the Heard Museum is honoring Frida with Fiesta de Frida.

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