Feature // Unapologetic PHX Coffee Experiences

With the Phoenix Coffee Culture always growing, it takes not just great coffee, but a great experience to make coffee stand out in the Valley. Below are three picks to help you on your caffeinated journey.


Grab a friend and go to A T Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop for an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Complete with strong ginger coffee, incense, and cream and sugar in clay pots, this experience is worth the wait and is the wake up call you need on a sleepy morning.


Give your afternoon lunch a twist at Chico Malo. The Cordoba Cafe was inspired by the traditional drinking habits of Italians. First, dine, then have this after lunch drink. True to authentic Mexican flavors, the fernet is sourced from Mexico, not Italy, and it’s Mexican Coke in the mix as well. Most importantly for the jolt, it features Cartel nitro coffee for the win.


For an after dinner treat head over to Press Coffee for a Nitro Coffee float. There’s two flavors you can choose from, a classic vanilla or a salted caramel. The ice cream freezes in the nitro coffee when you eat it, perfect for super hot Arizona days!

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