Review // Nami

The bad thing about Nami is that everything is so amazingly delicious, deciding what to get is very difficult.  Nami is a 100% vegan baked goods/ sweets/ breakfast/brunch spot, which is owned by the same person who owns the Green New American Vegetarian restaurants. It’s located next door to Green’s PHX location.

Served Sundays, 9a-2p. Arrive early or prepare to wait in a long, winding-out-the-door line. Try to be savvy by calling ahead (as I have), but you’ll still have to wait in that line to pay for your order.

My favorite brunch items from the regular menu are…

-Biscuits & Gravy. Fresh biscuits smothered in chorizo gravy, topped w/ chopped green onions. It is so good! It comes with papas and tofu scramble (try the scramble with salsa or Sriracha sauce!), plus fresh and sweet pineapple wedges to cleanse the palate.

-Wing Ding Dang. Their famous spicy/buffalo “wings” (they really aren’t that spicy, IMO) served with papas & scramble. I like it naked (aka as a plate instead of a burrito).  My carnivorous family loves this dish too.

If you wanna be fancy (*singing* I’m so fancy!), mix it up, or add it up, rather. Because I like the Biscuits & Gravy + the wings, I usually add a side order of wings to my B&G meal for only $5 more.

They feature a different brunch special every Sunday, which is ingenious really; it keeps things fresh, and keeps the customers coming back. I’ll be thinking, “Oh, I’m going to stay at home this weekend.” Then, BAM! They’ll post pancakes or the Flying Saucer as the special and all my plans have to be rearranged. The great thing about the specials (aside from them being, well…special) is that if you fall in love with one (and you shall!), it will likely be featured again sometime in the future.

My favorite specials, thus far…

-Anything with pancakes. Be it the Grand Slam, blueberry pancakes, etc., they are ALL delicious. I do wish they’d add pancakes to the full time menu.

– (I’m going to butcher the name) The Flying Saucer Full of Secrets? It’s a Mexicana breakfast pizza w/ chorizo, black beans, hominy corn, guacamole, lettuce, enchilada sauce, papas, & scramble (I omit it, but cheese & sour cream too), atop a crispy fried tortilla. IT. IS. SO. DARN. AMAZING! It’s huge too! Share it or save 1/2 for later (it warms up pretty good if you take off the guacamole first; no one wants hot guac)

-DaeDae’s “Chicken” & Waffles. A vegan take on a southern classic, and they nail it!

-Bad @$$ Texas Summer Tacos (that’s really the name!).  Tacos stuffed with fried avocados & refried pinto beans. Yum!

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the grits. Maybe I’m just a little too southern for these new fangled grits.  People who like them seem to love them. See for yourself.

It wasn’t always so, but they serve breakfast, Mon-Sat, from 7a-11a, so the Biscuits & Gravy, and the Wing Ding Dang are now available daily!

My favorite among the new breakfast items is the Country Breakfast Burrito. It’s a big ole thang too!  Organic scramble, tempeh “bacon”, papas, peppers, onions, & syrup (sans vegan cheese for moi) stuffed into la tortilla. Such a great and super filling breakfast!

Aside from meals, there is also a plethora of baked goods from which you may choose, including various tantalizing donut flavors (these donuts are as big as your face!), cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, etc. I only drink water, but there is a humongous list of coffee/cappuccino, tea, juice, and vegan milk options. They have a (very) few vegan grocery items too.

Look out for the Nookie (ask about it!) & Sunday sundae specials! Live music sometimes.

NOW let’s talk about the Tsoynami! Vegan soft serve, originally in vanilla, but as of 07Aug14, they introduced the CHOCOLATE TSOYNAMI! AND you can SWIRL (chocolate & vanilla)!

My FAV Tsoynami creations –

From the regular menu

-Soy Capitan – vegan Captain Crunch & strawberries mixed in. Berry cool!

-Dough Boy – chocolate chip cookie dough & chocolate syrup mixed in. YUM!

-Cookies n’ Cream – Newman’s chocolate cookies + chocolate syrup. Classic!

From the “specials” rotation
-Chocolate Monsoon – chocolate cake + chocolate syrup mixed in. HELLO!

-Orange Creamsicle – orange magic + icing (you heard me!) + whip cream = heavenly dreams that taste like childhood summers.

-Raspberry Beret – raspberry & cream cheese pastry puff & raspberry puree mixed in. AMAZING! (I may or may not have been singing Prince’s song whilst indulging.)

MY CREATION – pretzels, toffee nut, chocolate syrup mixed into the soft serve. Create your own too!

If you don’t want all that extra, you may eat the Tsoynami plain (think spiral soft serve) in a cup or cone. They can drizzle some of their naturally flavored syrups on it too, if you’d like. I recommend the caramel, toffee nut, and chocolate syrups.

Nami for all!


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