Review // Green New American Vegetarian

Green is good. Green is great. So scrumptious you may lick your plate. Seriously. I was a fan of Green long before I moved to PHX. It’d be my 1st stop once off the plane, & my last stop before getting back on the plane. Now that I live here, I practically live there.

This is some of the best veg*n comfort food on the planet. I’ve had @ 95% of the regular menu items. My favs are:

Big Wac: a vegan version of the Big Mac that could fool even a carnivore. Delicious & super filling. (Those with smaller appetites may want to cut it in 1/2 or share it.)

Wendy’s Pickle: crispy fried “chicken” pieces w/ vegan mayo, a spicy sauce, & of course, pickles. An explosion of flavor for your taste buds.

Argentine Po’Boy: savory seitan steak with perfectly grilled & seasoned onions & peppers, plus mayo & spicy sauce. mmmmmm Mouth-watering!

Original G Spicy Po’Boy: mock chicken in a buffalo sauce w/ vegan mayo. I get mine sans tomatoes & extra spicy. Amazeballs!

(You can request light spicy sauce if you’re spice sensitive.)

There’s a BBQ “chicken” sandwich & a BBQ Bacon Burger. Both are equally so amazing that I have to eenie-meenie-miney-mo in order to choose. Their BBQ sauce is excellent!

All of the above come with a side. I suggest the thyme fries. So fresh & tasty!

When I need something on the lighter side, I get:
the Jerk Salad w/ mock chicken instead of tofu. The jungle dressing makes me want to beat my chest & proclaim, “Me Jane!”

My 2nd favorite salad is the Ranchero salad, which features their yummy BBQ “wings.” Go all out and add a side order of their buffalo “wings” for an epic party in your mouth.

The chili fries are very good…in the winter. I personally can’t do chili in the PHX summers.

Then the chef comes up with these amazing specials, which they announce on their social media pages. Today, I had the San Diego “Fish” Tacos: crispy tofu (& I’m not a tofu fan) mock fish, in soft tortillas, with a special sauce. SO good!!

Don’t you dare leave here without trying a Tsoynami (think dairy-free Blizzard). My favs are:
Soy Capitan (for a fruity sensation);
Dough Boy (cookie dough, chocolate syrup & soft serve. Hello!);
Cookies n’ Cream (classic);
& my own creation of pretzels, chocolate, & toffee nut syrup.

They’ll sometimes have fresh baked goods too.

There’s a small selection of vegan groceries.

They have a cold case with a large selection of beverages, including a very tasty Butterscotch Beer (non-alcoholic).

Nice decor. They have plenty of tables, but on a busy night, or during the lunch rush, it fills up quickly. I suggest calling in your order if you’re in a hurry. There’s a patio outside, but there’s only one table at this time. (This may change once the weather exits Hades.)

Order at the counter, then take a number & commandeer a table.

The parking lot was recently repaved & remodeled, which has made for a better parking situation.

Green. Don’t leave Phoenix without it!

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