Feature // She Forks Vegan Treats : Pour Some Sugar On Me!

When it comes to desserts, there are two kinds of people in this world: the whipped cream frostings, or the buttercream frostings.  Whippe Cream people like to dabble with a hint of sweetness and prefer not to go too overboard, whereas, the Buttercreamers are thinking, “Why even bother?!” Buttercreamers have zero chill and play no games with their desserts.  As a vegan Buttercreamer, I have scoured this city looking for the best desserts.  Luckily, Phoenix has some serious contenders for your morning, noon, and midnight sweet-tooth.

The Coronado PHX

They switched to selling 100% vegan desserts last year and they have constantly brought their A-game.  From old school thumbprint cookies to Mexican wedding cookies; pop tarts, muffins, scones, bars (that caramel apple bar!), brownies, cupcakes, layered cakes, and buttery pound cakes that would satisfy even the fussiest Southern grannies… They have it all. They kept things fresh with an ever rotating variety. You never know what you’ll find, but you can be certain that it will be delicious!

Treehouse Bakery

What we love most about Treehouse Bakery is one, they always post their daily offerings online, so you can see what flavors are available that day, and two, they are really affordable!  Tuesday-Sunday they are baking up fresh cupcakes, cookies, scones, and pop tarts. Choose from classics like vanilla and chocolate, or one of their gourmet concoctions like the Apple Pie cupcake, Vanilla Latte, Peaches n Cream, French Toast, Root Beer Float, Churro, and a personal favorite – Salted Caramel.  On Saturday’s, they bless us with Cinnamon Rolls, which roll out the door quickly, so arrive early to snag one!


Urban Beans

This 24-hour vegetarian cafe is a dream come true for late owls. From old-fashioned apple pies to cookies and brownies, you can find vegan yumminess around the clock here.  Ask them to warm up your pie or brownie and try it a la mode with their vegan ice cream.



Vegan or not, there aren’t too many people who have not heard of Nami. Their infamous Tsoynami could sink 1000 Dairy Queens.  What is a Tsoynami (pronounced SOY-NAH-MEE)? It’s a cup of bloat-free ice cream made with soy milk and mixed with your toppings of choice, or plain, if you prefer. You can order from the Tsoynami menu, which features classics like the Haystack (marshmallow, chocolate syrup, and pretzels), Soy Capitan (vegan Capitan Crunch and strawberries) or create your own.  They also have limited time feature flavors, which change every other week or so. Favorite features include the Cone, Thugs, n Caramely, Kiss from a Rose, Raspberry  Beret, and what I call Dreamsicle (it comes with something called orange magic and BUTTERCREAM CAKE FROSTING! *drops mic*), because it tastes like a dream. Aside from the Tsoynami, you can also find cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, brownies (try the S’more!), and cheesecake (try it with fresh strawberries).


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