Feature // She Forks Throwbacks

Sometimes I wish I was still a kid, making s’mores and eating sugary cereals. I can’t travel back in time, but I can hit up a few stops to get that throwback fix even amidst hardcore Adulting. Next time you’re in the mood for a throwback, check out one of these places.

Ruze Cake House

Ruze is notorious for introducing different macaron theme weeks. In the past they’ve put out cereal macarons, and this week they are doing ice cream macarons! They also us cotton candy as a garnish to their jalepeno-prickly pear-boba. Hell yes.

Camp Social

Camp Social brings the outdoors, indoors, at this camping themed restaurant. Choose to either go old school s’mores making with a melting pot or drink a specially made s’mores alcoholic beverage.

Angels Trumpet Ale House

image1 (2).JPG

Who doesn’t enjoy pop tarts? Upgrade your old sugary one you had as a kid with real, authentic fruity flavors with Trump Ale’s homemade pop tarts. Yes, they taste as delicious as they looks!

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