She Forks PHX // VIP Italian Dinner - Pubblico Italian Eatery

She Forks PHX hosted an intimate Italian dinner with a few food bloggers on Monday, May 21st at Pubblico Italin Eatery. We started with a fresh Antipasto Board, Mozzarella Carrozza, Breasaola & Figs Bruschetta, and Salmon & Pesto Bruschetta. Everyone raved about the Mozzarella Carrozza, which was ultimately deep fried grilled mozzarella cheese! It was absolutely delicious and addictive since it melted in your mouth with every bite. We then shared several different wood fired pizzas including the Seafood, Sausage and Wild, Margherita, and Chicken Pesto pizzas. I personally, surprisingly loved the Seafood Pizza, which was filled with fresh scallops, calamari and shrimp!

The She Forks PHX tribe also got to listen to Danny, the owner, share the Pubblico story. The restaurant is family owned and operated, with the head chef sporting over 30 years in experience. The night was filled with lots of good conversation, laughs, smiles, and of course, exceptional food.