Review // 32 Shea

I often go to 32 Shea for a pre-work pick-me up, whether it's an iced flavored latte or a Nutella inspired baked good. What I've realized is that their iced flavored lattes are for the latte adventurous- I've tried pistachio, lavender, and mocha, and mocha is still my favorite. I've also tried their hot menu and baked goods, including their New Mexico breakfast burrito. I prefer the baked goods, but that may be because I have a solid sweet tooth, or teeth, if I'm being honest! But the New Mexico breakfast burrito holds its own with avocado, salsa, potatoes, and bacon for morning goodwill. The ambience is very zen, and they have a full bar as well as fountains outside with lots of plant life. If you're looking for a place to hang out, get some work done, or just zone out and day dream, 32 Shea is the place to be.

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