Review // Chico Malo

I first ordered a Cordoba Cafe, a drink I thought that was at Sips and Sweets. When I complimented Tracy, the bartender, on the drink, she said, ‘Oh no that’s not it!’ Zach, the bartender from Sips and Sweets came out and explained to me the difference between the two drinks.
The Cordoba Cafe was inspired by the traditional drinking habits of Italians. First, dine, then have an after drink. But in tune with the Mexican flavors, the fernet is sourced from Mexico, not Italy, and it’s Mexican Coke in the mix as well. Most importantly for the jolt, it also features Cartel nitro coffee. I was impressed at the dedication to the authenticity of the drink, and it showed in the delicious flavors.
The second drink, the one from Sips and Sweets, had burnt honey and spices in it. I encouraged Zach and Tracy to put it on the menu, it was so good that the flavors infused into the foam, amazing!
Finally, my tacos came. The duck was cooked perfectly, not too crispy, and there was a pecan crunch which was new and complimentary. The pork belly was perfect, too (but how can you really mess up pork belly?), and surprisingly the crispy avocado was delectable and one of my favorites.
In addition to the flavorful fare was the colorful eclectic ambience. There is an art installation of a mural made of books by JB Snyder and Tato Caraveo, and an awesome depiction of Frida when you walk in.
All in all, have to give this 5 stars for service, food and drink quality, and ambience!


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