Event // AmeriCAN Beer Fest

I’m in love with this beer festival! I was able to taste and meet some of my favorite brewers from all over the country including: Dogfish Head (DE), Brooklyn Brewery (NY), Leinenkugel’s (WI), Boulevard (MO), Santa Fe Brewing Co. (NM) just to name a few! A lot of my local favorites were all there, too!
We were lucky enough to win tickets to the festival and celebrate our anniversary! I gave the festival my word I’d wear my wedding dress and wore my wedding party dress to the fest.
We could sample 20 brews per ticket, but the breweries were more than generous and I was able to do a nice rotation of the different varieties even with the limit.
There was also live music, water stations, yummy food trucks (shoutout to Shortleash Hot Dogs!) and no problems with the crowd. Even though it was a 100 degrees, there were even air conditioned stations to help with it all. (Even though I was too short to reach the fan itself.)
All in all, I only wish this festival was two days instead of one. We had a blast and I cannot wait to make this a yearly tradition!

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