Event // Oktoberfest - Pedal Haus Brewery

With October just around the corner, Oktoberfest is on every breweries’ mind. If you can’t book a ticket to Munich, stop by Pedal Haus instead for their four-course Oktoberfest meal.

For the second course, the brats stole the show. Serving two types of brats, one, of white veal, the malty “OFest” definitely brought out the best of the brats; eaten with pink, pickled cabbage and sauerkraut, it was hard to not be transported right to Germany.

The third course was made with Pastrami as the main ingredient, in both the Pastrami Sandwich and Pastrami Fries. Coupled with the American Hoppy Lager, I have to admit, this course was probably my favorite, because the beer had a kick to it that surprised me but felt great.

For a Palate Cleanser we drank the Blackberry Rhubarb Sour- I swear I could taste the berries!

Finally we finished with Belgian waffles and a Belgian Tripel. What makes these items Belgian? The yeast is strained in a monastery in Belgium – you can’t get more authentic than that!

If you pay a visit to Pedal Haus, you will leave full of delicious beer and the spirit of Oktoberfest. They’re having an Oktober Kick Off on September 30th, too. Cheers to Pedal Haus for bringing Oktoberfest home to Arizona!



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