Review // A T Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop

I stumbled upon this hole in the wall coffee shop, and am so glad I did. I was able to use a Yelp check in to apply towards an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. What exactly this meant, I had no idea. I patiently waited while the owner prepared my coffee. “Do you like ginger?” He asked me, and I responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” When the coffee came out, I did gape in excitement. My coffee came in a clay gourd, with a separate jar for incense, a tiny little cup for my coffee, and sugar and cream in a mini woven basket and a mini clay pitcher. I found out later that it traditionally takes longer to prepare because the coffee is strained several times, resulting in very strong coffee, and mixed with the ginger it was some of the smoothest, most interesting brews I’ve ever tasted. I absolutely loved it, and though you’re supposed to share the experience with friends, I had a great time enjoying each sip. I’m definitely coming back to try more.

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