Review // Fuego Bistro

This is the perfect date night, and the perfect place to go for delicious food that doesn’t break the bank! We didn’t make any reservations so we were unable to get a table outside, where live musicians were strumming and singing on their guitars with a lovely fountain in the middle of the plaza. But lucky for us, we got the next best thing and were seated in the adjacent art gallery. We didn’t mind at all, because our spontaneous dinner decision became a blessing in disguise, we had THE ENTIRE ROOM to ourselves!
When we looked at the menu, the amount of delicious entrees overwhelmed me. But at the very bottom was something awesomely titled “The feast”  which could be ordered for two-six people. The only description on the menu was “Ask server”. The mystery baited us, and our lovely waitress Pashley described it as a three course meal that had all the best items the restaurant had to offer. The only catch was that unfortunately we would not be able to apply any of our deals towards our order. We looked at each other, it was a special occasion after all…and so in the name of food adventure and love we said, “Screw it, let’s do it!” Our waitress couldn’t help but share our excitement and already pre-congratulated us on our decision. “It’s A LOT of food,” she said mischievously. And so our journey into our 3-course Latin meal began…
Course 1: An assortment of appetizers that included a perfectly stuffed and cooked beef empanada, a cuban pork slider, a chicken taco, and a full salad. We basically tasted every animal you could in every type of Latin flavor you could muster, and I am oversimplifying the amount ingredients in this first plate. What can I say except de-li-cious! Perfect way to set the tone!
Course 2: Entrées galore! Shredded pork, fish that had been cooked and prepared for over a week drizzled in sauce, sweet jalapeno corn, green beans, corn bread with corn bits in them, pink pickled cabbage. So Good, just so good!
Course 3: Dessert! Death by chocolate anyone? We had two plates, one with a fudge torte and ice cream on top with walnuts, the ancho chile chocolate, and another with a gelatinous dessert with caramels and fudge covering it topped off with dollops of whipped cream, the fuego sundae. (Yeah, out of all the dishes, I unashamedly finished this entire plate.)
We tried, oh my gosh we tried, to finish everything, and we still went home with two boxes of leftovers and stuffed to the brim. I ate those leftovers for two days afterwards! Was it worth it? Hell yes it was!
On a personal note, we were celebrating our one year anniversary, and the staff, from the jolly maître de to our lovely waitress Pashley, was so sweet and warm that it made the whole night spectacular. Coupled with the live guitarist, delectable courses, and private room, I’d say this was a win-win-win!

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