Review // Harumi Sushi

The first time we came to Harumi, I passed the tables and saw something with tin foil on it. When the waitress came to take our order, I pointed to the tin foil. She nodded and smiled widely, and I was excited to see what the big fuss was about.
Our waitress came back, and the tin foil was on fire. Yeah, fire. Wait, one more time in case that didn’t come across, fire.
She moved the tin foil around, playing with the fire, and after a few seconds was able to open it.
I popped one of the sushi pieces into my mouth (is it still sushi if it’s cooked?), and went “Oh my God…..”
Hence the name, O.M.G. sushi. Can I describe how the outer flavored meshed together with the inner spices? Crab, eel, and shrimp, all my favorite things in one roll.
That was my experience my first time at Harumi, and I have come back repeatedly since. Part of me hates reviewing this place because we come here so often and I don’t want anyone else to come here because it’s already a popular place, but Harumi deserves so much praise. It’s one of our favorite date night spots because the service and food is amazing.  The staff is so friendly and sweet, and when we order sashimi we always receive huge chunks of fresh fish. The sushi is wrapped in purple rice, also known as Emperor’s rice, because it used to be forbidden to all except royalty since the rice is super healthy, and that’s just what they use for their regular rolls! If that were not enough, you can also order a Mini Roll Combo, where you can choose up to three different kinds of sushi to try! It’s a great way to sample a few, and trust me they are all delicious, including the Phoenix, the Dragon, and the Las Vegas Roll.
So at the risk of blowing up an already blown up date spot, go to Harumi, I’ll probably already be there stuffing my face with their delicious sushi.

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