Review // Helio Basin

If you’re looking for layers of flavors in your food, from everything from the starter, to the entrée, to dessert, to you drinks, check out Helio Basin.

We went to Helio brewery one day on a recommendation from a coworker, and definitely don’t regret it. We decided to try the Chickpea Tostado to start and share the Coffee-Rubbed Trip Tip Tacos .

The Chickpea Tostada came out and I said aloud, “These ingredients just make sense!” Do you know that feeling when a chef just whips ingredients together and is hoping it all come together, but it just doesn’t? NOT the case with the Chickpea Tostada. The ingredients include a heaping of chickpea puree, crunchy onions, delicious prickly pear grapes, and it’s all topped off with purple kale. The flavors come together in a symphony of yumminess.

Next came the tacos, the tacos also had a distinct flavor profile where the flavors just came together. I think I’m noticing a pattern…The meat itself was seasoned well on its own, but coupled with the balsamic mushrooms and jalepenos, the taste was just amplified by the complimentary ingredients. It was also so much fun trying out all the five different flavors of hot sauces with the tacos, and I personally loved the honey habernero.

Finally, and this was absolutely my favorite part, we tasted an ice cream and beer pairing. Each pair had its own unique identity. The Mexican Lime with the American Pale Ale, was tart and flirty. The Pistachio, Date, & Black Pepper was creamy and smooth with the Robust Porter. There was the Blueberry and Chocolate Chip that magnified the Blackberry Ale and the IPA that magnified the Mesquite Cherry ice cream. And c’mon, where else are you going to find a beer and ice cream pairing in the Valley? That’s like my two favorite things in the world.

Overall, this was a food experience for the books. Definitely check Helio Basin out if you’re ready to have your taste buds blown.

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