Review // Just Opened - Tacos Tequila and Whiskey

Besides having the best name ever, Tacos Tequila and Whiskey’s layout is actually pretty cool with a large Frida painting and ample outdoor seating. We reviewed the extensive menu and ordered five different tacos, pinche papas (sloppy Joe fries), a Paloma and a Michelada. Our drinks came out first and we both loved them, a great balance of spirits and craft. Maybe I don’t go to enough bars, but I’ve never seen Michelada on the menu, and appreciated the fact that they make it here. When our pinch papas came out, it was hard not to experience emotions of pure glee. Yep, glee. I haven’t had pizza fries in a while, and while this wasn’t exactly pizza fries, it was reminiscent of it as this was a sloppy Joe version, heaped with lots of cheese. If you’re a cheese lover, you will enjoy them as the cheese was so stringy – that’s when you know it’s GOOD cheese.
Finally, the stars of the show, the tacos, came out. Every single one tasted great as the meat tacos were all cooked perfectly. I would say that the Pork Belly “Agridulce” and the Hongos was my favorite. The pork belly was cooked perfectly and though the Hongos was a vegetarian taco, the combination of ingredients was Mexican corn (that cojita cheese and corn) meets shitaki mushrooms. Corn, great. Mushrooms, great. Both together in a taco? I’m down. Overall, I’m glad this Denver based restaurant has come out to Phoenix. Although Tacos Tequila and Whiskey only just opened, I know we’ll be back to try more.

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