Review // Kream Coffee

Kream Coffee is right in my neighborhood, and I’ve been to the surrounding restaurants a billion times and never noticed it! It took my friend visiting from NY and her sharp eye to finally go check it out!
Tucked into an architectural design shop, Kream Coffee is a tiny, cute surprise amidst food giants Postino’s and Joyride next door. I ordered an Iced Mocha latte and was pleased at first sip – Kream uses a darker mocha with real chunks of chocolate in the drink. The brew itself is strong as well, and since I always order my lattes with almond milk, I’m always cautious to see how the substitute effects the flavor of my drink- happy to report that this time it complimented it (not ruined it like other places)!
The staff was very chill and friendly. While I wouldn’t recommend this place as a spot to camp out to do work, it was the perfect place for a quick-pick-me-up on a tired day, and a post-taco-coma drink for ourselves. Definitely check it out if you’re in the area!

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