Review // Milk Run

Milk Run is conveniently located right next to Pho Thanh and next to an Asian grocery store, so I can see it be a nice place to pick up dessert after grabbing pho or groceries.
The cafe is cute, with lots of childhood games and colorful art on the walls, and lots of Asian flavored ice creams and bobas. I ordered a Milk Tea Float which was a boba tea (or coffee) with a yummy ice cream scoop on top, and got taro. The ice cream is super creamy, and tasted great with the tea. Their menu is still somewhat limited but hits all the major cravings you could have in a boba shop; the ice cream includes: Cookie Monster, Thai Iced Tea, Vietnamese Coffee, and Taro. If you’re on the fence about trying them, right now they are currently running a promotion for buy 2 items, get one free! Stop by if you’re in the area and give them a chance.

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