Review // Peixote Coffee

I’m an avid coffee lover and have gone to tons of cafes in not just Phoenix, but New York and LA. I had never visited Peixoto, since it’s pretty far from where I live and even as I was driving over I kept muttering to myself, this better be worth it! But I had an excuse to be in downtown Chandler, and I’m here to report, I think Peixoto has just ruined every other coffee experience I’ve ever had. They are just that good!
I came to Peixoto and ordered my usual order, something I get at all coffee shops, an iced mocha latte with soy. The baristas told me that the espresso beans are sourced from Familia Peixoto, just like their coffees, which has notes of hazelnut, honey, and berries. There was also bits of chocolate from the local chocolate shop, Zak’s chocolate, in my drink, and it was love at first sip- it was seriously one of the best lattes I’ve had in my entire life! The flavors blended in a way that just made me smile – not too sweet, not too strong, it was just perfect, just smooth and delicious. And again, I have serious lived in places with serious caffeine addictions, and Peixoto’s brews are definitely up there.
I was so impressed, and so curious, and a little terrified, that Peixoto is so far from me that I’d never get to try it again that I ordered another latte, this time from the seasonal menu, the Matcha Mel latte. It was good, not as bitter as some matcha lattes can be, but I think I was still won over by my original order.
After two regular lattes, I probably was high on caffeine, and there are so many things on the menu I want to come back for! This includes the seasonal Coco Latte that has condensed milk, the affogato with gelato, and the days they carry Welcome Chicken & Donuts, donuts.
I did hear they partnered with Urban Cookies so you can now pick up some brews in Phoenix, but I feel like I will make up some excuse to come over here again to Chandler.
Aside from their products themselves, the staff was extremely nice, friendly and knowledgeable. I learned that they source their beans from Brazil and are all fair trade. I love that they partner with other local food eateries, and even their matcha is supplied by Gotcha Matcha, another reputable source. Much respect and love for Peixoto coffee, I am sure you will see me again soon…

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