Review // Postino

Postino was one of the first recommendations I received when I moved to Phoenix – for good reason! They have a killer $20 deal that includes a bottle of wine and Bruschetta on Monday and Tuesday after 8pm. Surprisingly, I don’t come to Postino for the wine, but for the Bruschetta. I’m more of a beer gal myself and there’s $5 pitchers of beer during Happy Hour plus Bruschetta for the same price. (Also, for my fellow native East Coasters, they have Brooklyn Beer on tap! I nearly fainted when I saw it, this is one of my favorite brews, so it’s easy to get your beer fix on here even amongst the wino’s).

Back to the infamous $20 deal- it’s simply Arizona locals’ favorite because the Bruschetta is large. If you’re picturing tiny little pieces of bread, no, magnify it to Arizona size– they are huge. Not only that, but the ingredients are very fresh. I’ve ordered both savory and sweet and they are all great. If I had to pick a few to order, I’d say I always re-order the Sweet & Spicy Pepper Jam with Goat Cheese as well as the Ricotta with Dates & Pistachios. I can’t think of another occasion where I can have spicy jam on bread with goat cheese, but at Postino I can, and it’s delicious.

In addition to their fare, the ambience is great, too. There are little details at Postino like the matchboxes on the wall that span decades, the neon yellow “Weird is Rad” sign and brightly lit chandeliers by the bar. And at this particular location, the restaurant used to be a bank in the 60’s, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice.

Oh Postino I’ve already hit up the Central and Highland locations, now I’m on to circling the next.

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