Review // Salty Sow

We went to Salty Sow on a weekday and were pleasantly surprised at the latest promotion – during the whole month of October it is buy one entrée get one free (during lunch Monday thru Friday). Score!

The ambience of the place is for meat lovers alike. Indeed, there is a huge wall that says “Slow Cooking” as well as pictures of hogs on the wall. I totally dig the meat loving vibes.

At the recommendation of my coworkers, we ordered the truffled deviled eggs and the crispy Brussels sprouts leaves. The Brussels sprouts were so crunchy and flavorful, we ate them up in no time. The deviled eggs, the yolk was so tasty, and the bacon was a nice compliment, too.

For our entrees, we all ordered different forms of meat. Mine happened to be the spicy chicken sandwich. All of our mouths dropped when it came out. This sandwich was HUGE! Not only was it super large, it was extra flavorful. The spice had a nice kick to it that wasn’t overpowering at all; the chicken was cooked perfectly, and the coleslaw provided a nice neutral creaminess to it, too.

Overall, the food was quite impressive. I need to mark my calendar to go back before October is over!


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