Review // Sip Coffee and Beer House

I absolutely love the eclectic décor of this place. There is a sign that says “Manliness: Perfected”, as well as a table with large red letters that reads, Fish & Chips, and vases that used to be old whiskey and bourbon bottles, not to mention a big comfy golden couch. The ambience is the perfect place for working, but also just a nice chill place to catch up with a friend.

I ordered a pesto breakfast sandwich, and I’ve ordered their breakfast sandwiches before and they have generous helpings I never finish. Don’t have high expectations. The sandwich is only of average quality. When the cheese melts, you can tell it’s processed cheese, and there’s no special spread to make it set itself apart. It’s just a plain jane sandwich.

My iced mocha latte tasted nice and creamy, since I added soy milk, but the strength of the latte was average as well.

But as I said before, I come here for the ambience and for a relaxing place to work. Just set your expectations for average fare here before you come to Sip Coffee and Beer House.

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