Review // SNOH - Downtown

The ambience of the downtown Snoh is airy, but with an edgy twist at the same time. There’s vintage “Eat SNOH” letters on the wall as well as a badass blue graffiti and photo theme wall. This makes it an ideal place to hang out and a fun place to kick back with friends. They’re right next to Cobra Arcade bar so this may attract a younger crowd, but Cobra Arcade bar is fun, too so it’s definitely a destination that’s great on a First Friday or during happy hour.

With a menu that spans yummy flavors like lavender and pomegranate and condensed milk glaze, you know whatever you order will be delicious. First you order your flavor, than your toppings, than any glaze you may want. The drinks are just delicious. The Snoh itself is yummy too and ample in its servings, I’d suggest sharing but hey, some days you just have to eat on your own.

I also heard one of the owners is Filipino and they have Filipino food once in a while, like on a First Friday. I totally dig that. Either way, this is one of the best places to get boba in The Valley so go check them out!

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