Review // SumoMaya

I’ve eaten at SumoMaya before and loved the ambience and food. Not only do they do a stellar job at Japanese- Mexican fusion, but they also achieve an eclectic Alice-in-Wonderland type of feel, with a tree in the middle of the restaurant and hot pink chairs and portraits of Japanese and Mexican ancestors sprinkled everywhere. Aside from this, they also have a killer brunch.

I had heard through friends that the brunch at SumoMaya was amazing, but they absolutely defied my expectations.

First of all they take the concept of bottomless brunch from drinks and apply it to food. But what results is not some boring breakfast buffet-like meal – it’s better. The structure of the meal is three courses, with unlimited ordering for the first course and the third course. What exactly does this mean? All you can eat dessert, and all you can eat apps! Oh, and all you can eat sides, too if your stomach can handle it.

For apps they have everything from sushi rolls to pomegranate guac to chorizo scramble. If you don’t already fill up on these, because they are divine, then you can move on to your entrée.

The entrée list is overwhelming. It took us about ten minutes to order because we just could not decide. There is everything from sweet potato waffles to a Cubano sandwich to coconut pancakes with spicy mangos. We finally ordered the salmon omelette and the wagyu steak with the poached egg. Oh my gosh the salmon melted in my mouth! My only critique was the steak was a little over-seasoned but we ate everything anyway.

And holy cow, how we had room for dessert I’ll never know but the cheesecake is like biting into light, creamy deliciousness. (It’s still healthy because it comes with fruit right? Because we definitely capitalized on the unlimited on this one…)

Overall, this is the best deal ever, it’s only $29 for the meal itself and an extra $10 if you want the unlimited drinks. I’m so excited to go back and try other items on the menu!

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