Review // Buck & Rider

Came to Buck & Rider a few months back to celebrate our anniversary. I still remember the taste of jumbo shrimp and lobster on my mouth. Both entrees tasted fresh and savory, and though I had to admit I like to douse my lobster in butter, this time there was no need to.
This seafood restaurant could have very well executed the nautical theme in a cheesy way, but instead they did it with aplomb and class. The drinks were delicious and I ordered the key lime pie after the bartenders told us, "You have to order it!" That graham crust was like little crumbs of heaven had just kissed my lips. You bet I ate every bite of it.
I would recommend this place as the perfect date night, just be warned that it can get expensive very quickly so try out happy hour if you're trying to save a buck or two.

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