Review // Berdana's

I was super looking forward to Berdena’s. It’s located in Old Town Scottsdale. I  understand they’re still fairly new, and think they have some potential, so please take my review with a grain of salt. I ordered the iced filtered coffee. It had bourbon in it and had a fruity flavor with hints of cherry and limeade in the brew. I had it black; it was good on its own and I enjoyed it.
The staff was nice, and I ordered an avocado toast in addition to my drink. The avocado toast is where they have room for improvement. The toast was filling, but overall, pretty bland, and it did not do anything for me, flavor-wise.
In addition, the aesthetic of the café is modern and clean. I don’t mind cafes like this but sometimes for me it is a fine line between feeling like you are in a septic tank vs. a modern space. For me, Berdena’s walks that fine line as it seems like the thing missing most from their café is character. What exactly is it that sets Berdena’s apart from other cafes? Sadly, I’m not sure, but I do hope the staff figures it out soon, there’s a ton of other coffee places here in the Valley.

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