Review // O.H.S.O Brewery

I’ve gone to OHSO before for the brews, but when I heard they had a killer brunch, too, I needed to check it out for myself.
We went to the Arcadia location. The spot has the bicycle theme everywhere, included a bike on the wall and pedals on the taps. With the Beer Brunch you can order any entrée and either get a free beer or a mimosa included with your meal!

I reviewed the menu and immediately ordered the Fruity Pebbles French Toast. This thing is humongous, with four thick slices of bread and filled with lemon mascarpone. Slice into each piece and it oozes out with the creamy, lemony goodness.

We also ordered the Biscuits and Gravy. The sausage was spicy, and we loved the kick it had to it.

Of course, we had to taste some brews, including the Popsicle Beer and Coffee Beer. The Popsicle Beer tasted like sparkling champagne, sweet, but not too sweet. The Coffee Beer had the coffee notes in the aftertaste. We enjoyed both thoroughly.

Brunch plus beer? The perfect combo.

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