Review // Press Coffee

When I arrived, I took a look at the red and white contemporary furniture. Not your typical cozy coffee shop, more of a, no-frills, let’s get work done and get together type of space, but that’s exactly what I had come here to do so it fit my mood. I took some time studying the menu and finally ordered the nitro brew. As my barista was pouring it, she mentioned there was an item on the ‘secret menu’ with nitro brew, would I like to try it? Would I?! Of course! It turned out to be a nitro float. Oh my gosh, why don’t they have this in every single coffee shop in the Valley? The idea, so simple. I chose vanilla and kept it classic this time, but am coming back to try it with the salt and caramel. The ice cream freezes when it’s dropped in the nitro, and has this freeze-like consistency on the outside and then a creamy inside, not to mention how smooth the nitro brew tastes. For this delicious dessert/breakfast treat at Press Coffee, I have to give it a well-deserved five stars.

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