Review // 3on Smith Cafe

Came here on a weekday and loved the simple but classic cafe ambience. The cafe is run by Aussies with a "Brekkie" section of the menu that seems notorious for their flavorful twists on breakfast concoctions.
I've been stalking them on Instagram and it looks like they kill it at their specials; walking in I was excited to hear what they have in current rotation, especially since they released a chorizo breakfast sandwich that's more than drool worthy, a few months back.
The special did not disappoint! Dubbed the "Dr. Seuss Burrito", this whimsical beast of a burrito was chock full of eggs, potatoes, green chili pork, provolone - and topped with salsa verde and queso cotista. And the size?! This is where the term "burrito baby" originated. Here. This is where they make 'em!
On top of this burrito baby, I also ordered a Chai Latte. (How my stomach didn't explode is still a mystery).They get their coffee supplied by Passport coffee, and I  indulged in that cup of Joe, sipping while writing down in my journal for a while. That's how you know it's good.
Great ambience, great food, great lattes? Holy cow I'm in love.

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