Review // Arcadia Meat Market

Shoutout to Nick and Luigi for bringing this amazing butcher shop to Arcadia! My husband is passionate about meat, we even own a smoker so I knew I had to take him to the Grand Opening to celebrate this new venue. Nick and Luigi were gracious hosts. Nick explained exactly where each protein was sourced from, the ribeyes and wagyu from Colorado, the free range chickens from California, the grass fed lamb and pork from Tucson and other farms in Arizona. Everything is locally sourced with no GMO’s! 

Nick traveled to butcheries across the county to learn all there is to know about the business, and his partner, friendly New Zealand-raised Luigi was also kind enough to take us in the back to show us where the real magic happens. We literally saw ‘where the sausage is made’ and it was in a fantastic machine from Germany next to large hanging pigs swinging from the ceiling. They were bigger than me! Their mission statement is: “To bring trust and transparency back to the food chain by supporting family farmers who are raising Humanely and Sustainably” - and this pair is doing just that, with passion and aplomb. I’m so excited to eat our ribeyes tonight!