Review // El Chullo

When looking for new places to check out, I saw a review by Brent C. that caught my eye - Peruvian!? Call me basic if you have to, but I've never tried Peruvian before! I went with my girlfriend from California and she helped guide my newbie tastes.

We started our first course with a Papa Rellena - a fried breaded potato with meat and raisin filling- absolutely delicious. It even reminded me a little of a Filipino dish at home, which was a bonus. Then we had the Causa Rellena de Pollo, which is sort of like a chicken salad meets this bomb yellow sauce on steroids. I can't think of another way to explain it but there was also an egg there and avocado, so there was a medley of flavors that all meshed together. 

I ordered the Ceviche Mixto which had onions, lime, shrimp, squid, and more. It was everything a seafood lover could have dreams about because the seafood was fresh and the seasonings- refreshing. 

Finally, we ordered the Alfajor for dessert. If you love Tres Leches or have a sweet tooth of any kind, you must order this! It helps that there were pictures of this award winning dessert all over the walls. 

Overall, the restaurant is unassuming but who cares? The food was excellent and our waitress was kind and attentive. For my first time trying Peruvian, I can honestly report it will not be my last!