Review // Paradise Valley Burger Company

Everyone can think of at least one place like this in their life. That magnificent hole in the wall whose greatness lies not in the ambience, but in the food. This was one of those places. PVB is a hole in the wall, with unassuming decor but as soon as you're within twenty feet of the venue the alluring smells of freshly made burgers waft through your nostrils.
After studying the menu, I decided to go with the signature Brulee Burger. The burger is chock full of bacon, pink pickled onion, havarti, burnt sugar, and topped with a fried egg. 
As soon as I took a bite of the Brulee Burger a symphony of burger angels came down and sang to me. The yolk exploded into a waterfall of yellow goodness, with perfectly cooked beef. The mix of sweetness meets salty did not disappoint. Every other bite was a fulfilling taste of 'burnt sweetness' that was not overpowering but the type of balance that takes creative flair and preciseness to execute. 
I'm not done yet.
The sides were impressive as well. Since I was with my coworkers, we did family style and I got to sample the Sweet Potato Tater Tots - I could snack on these for days. In addition, we ate the special, Jalepeno Fries. These were beer battered jalepeno coupled with brown sugar, truffle ketchup. I've never seen anything like these before, but why? They tasted amazing! Every burger joint should have these on their menu.
All in all, the food blew my mind and I have to give them 5 stars for their amazing flavors.