Feature // Phoenix Fall Travels : Bisbee

We decided to visit the artsy town of Bisbee! So artsy, in fact, that even out accommodations were unique. We rented a tiki-themed, vintage 1947 Airporter bus from The Shady Dell! The bus was complete with a record player, lei’s, and an outdoor bar. Absolutely adorable!


For lunch we stumbled upon the bright, green painted walls of the infamous Vietnamese restaurant, Thuy’s. I ordered the Beef Noodle Soup, and the broth tasted amazing. The whole soup tasted homemade, and we even saw the owner slicing fresh cuts of beef from a huge slab of meat. 


We walked around town to explore, and discovered a retro retail store, antique shops, and art galleries. Close by, we discovered the Lavender Pit, a huge pit reminiscent of the historic mining days.

But my favorite part about Bisbee was technically in the town of Lowell. One street, titled appropriately, Erie Street, was purchased by three men who teamed together to create a street ‘frozen’ in the 1950’s. We saw everything from old Pepsi machines to an old Harley Davidson shop and even an old Shell gas station!


As evening approached, that night we dined at The Quarry, located on Brewery St., a street filled with all the bars in town. The Quarry makes each meal, made-to-order, and you could immediately tell the difference. I ordered a meatloaf, and it came with these delectable carrots basted in brown sugar. The moist meatloaf was complimented by creamy gravy, and each bite was simply addictive. 


We ended the night by going to the Smallest Bar in Arizona! It was a three-seater Bar in the middle of The Silver King Hotel, and we were lucky it wasn’t a busy night! 


Oh Bisbee- what a wonderful change of scenery, and a worthwhile three-hour escape from Phoenix!