Feature // Phoenix Fall Travels : Philly

Growing up in NJ, Philly was always accessible to me, but I admittedly, I only went there to grab a Philly Cheesesteak. On my last visit home, I finally decided it was time for a change. On this trip, we visited the artsy neighborhood of Fishtown! Fishtown used to be Philly’s heart of the fishing industry, and walking around we found several colorful murals.


First, we grabbed coffee at the record-themed coffee shop, Milkcrate Cafe. Records lined the walls with various artists, like Mos Def, Neil Young, and Chuck Simmons, and with coffee sourced from La Colombe, the ambience felt groovy and chill while the coffee tasted delicious.


For lunch, we grabbed the famous Buffalo Cauliflower bites from Front Street Cafe. Breaded and basted with garlic-sriracha, the bites are meant to taste just like meat. They didn’t to me, but I still enjoyed the crunchy cauliflower doused in tasty sauce.


Finally we ended up getting wacky ice cream flavors from Little Baby’s Ice Cream, including Thai Peanut and Maryland BBQ! I ended up being tame, and ordering Chocolate Chip Mint Cookie and Coconut Tea. A nice ending to a wonderful day trip!