Event // Crushbrew Festival

The Crushbrew Festival on February 17th hailed local breweries, spirits, and food fare alike at the Scottsdale Civic Center. There were some personal favorites present, including O.H.S.O Brewery, Golden Road Brewing, and Wild Tonic. Surprisingly, Wild Tonic (Kombucha) mixed with spirits is an excellent mix! For food fare, the Saffron Pig openly cooked a big pan of paella, which tasted like a party in your mouth and was irresistible as we walked by; the same drool-worthy award goes to Aioli Burger's signature burger, which tasted juicy as per usual. There was a rosé photo backdrop set up with phrases like "Rosé all day" complete with rosé tastings of course. The live music on the lawn was also enjoyable with bands singing local favorites and an all-women violin troupe performing as well! During the Afterparty at The Saguaro, tacos were a steal at 3 for $7 along with drink specials. The party continued well into the night. Overall, the Crushbrew Festival was a relaxing, wonderful time!