Feature // Girl Scout Cookie Challenge

February is upon us, and the time that we have all been waiting for is finally here: Girl Scout cookie season!! There is almost nothing better than walking outside of your local grocery store and seeing a table stacked high with your favorite Girl Scout cookies begging to be bought (Team Samoas all the way!). You even have the excuse of buying as many boxes as you want since they come and go so quickly. For the last five years in February, twenty-four local Arizona restaurants and bakeries have been competing in the Girl Scouts Cookie Dessert Challenge, where chefs create in-house their own desserts inspired by various Girl Scout cookies and have on their menu all month long. The establishment with the most desserts sold at the end of February is crowned the Girl Scout Cookie Dessert Challenge Champion. Best of all, this challenge helps support this wonderful foundation that empowers girls from a young age and a part of the proceeds from the desserts goes towards supporting Girl Scouts in the community. A win-win for all, in our opinion!

We decided to take it upon ourselves to check out and taste a few of these creative Girl Scout concoctions. There are so many good ones to choose from!

Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 1

First up,  The Herb Box is offering their own Thin Mint spin on the classic Hostess Ding Dong with their Vegan Thin Mint Ding Dong. This personalized cake is tantalizing to the eyes, filled with a rich chocolate and mint frosting layer, and topped with a Thin Mint.

Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 2

Super Chunk Sweets & Treats bakery won our hearts over with their miniature pineapple cheesecakes, built with a chunky Samoa crust and topped with a Samoa cookie. There are even pieces of the cookie inside the cheesecake! 

Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 3

Last year The Henry brought us the Samoa inspired doughnut, but this year they've brought us a Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Mint Creme frosting, topped with Thin Mints. This indulgent treat will be sure to fulfill all your sweet tooth needs!

Girl Scout Cookie Challenge 4.JPG

Finally, Tres Leches Cafe concocts an unsurprising medley of flavors with a Samoa inspired Latte. The mix of coconut, caramel, and chocolate leaves you wanting more; and of course it is topped with a Samoa cookie. 

Article authored by @SheForksPHX & @whatwouldmeesheat