Event // Wildflower Bread Co.

One of our favorite perks of being food bloggers here at She Forks PHX is being invited to a restaurant and talking with the chefs and founders. We receive undeniable joy in finding out the stories behind the food. Recently, we were invited to a said kind of experience at Wildflower, which many of our fellow Arizonians will know as Wildflower Bread Company. Change or die - that’s the new mantra "Wildflower" has adopted with their recent name change and rebrand. Even though the inside of Wildflower looks completely different than their other locations (ummm, it’s adorable and so Instagrammable!), the heart of the company is strong and still flows through their food and service.

We got to sit down with the founder, Louis Basile (who, by the way, is one of the most genuine and down-to-Earth people ever) and hear all about his passion for good food. We also got to taste a variety of items off their current menu. We were a tad unfamiliar with some of the flavors in their Chopped Salad and the Mac and Cheese, but our hands-down fan favorites were the spicy and savory Chorizo Frittata, the briny and tangy Reuben Sandwich, and their famous sourdough bread. Man, their bread! They use a sourdough starter which really adds so much depth to the flavor and texture! Give us a loaf of that and we’ll be happy forever! We would definitely recommend tasting the food for yourself by checking out their newest location in Gilbert or even their eventual location opening the middle of June on 7th St., just South of Bethany Home.

Authored by @whatwouldmeesheat