Event // Pei Wei's Wei Better Chicken

On Thursday March 29th the She Forks PHX team was treated to a night of orange chicken themed dishes. Previously, we thought there was only one ways to prepare orange chicken but Chef J., The Director of Culinary Innovation at Pei Wei- proved us wrong. He taught us about the freshness of the chicken, the aromatics that goes into the garlic and ginger spices, and the delicate balance of controlling a 650 degree wok while cooking a home cooked meal in less than ten minutes. And then repeating that process across all of their restaurants! Why orange chicken? The sense of nostalgia it brings to many is as synonymous with comfort foods like burgers or pizza. We couldn't agree more! That night we dined on several orange chicken variations: the original, one with quinoa instead of rice, and another in a lettuce wrap form; then there was the chicken substitutes - crispy shrimp drizzled in orange chicken sauce, orange chicken beef, tofu, and spicy crunchy tempura chicken. It was truly a treat indeed!