Event // PNPK

PNPK threw a great event last Wednesday, April 18th. They dashed out deviled eggs that varied from 'traditional' to eggs with a twist, with our favorite being the Candied Bacon and JalapeƱo. The sweet and spicy made for a great combination. In addition, we tried a variety of sliders, from Mama Kellie's Famous Meatball to Short Rib French Dip to of course, the traditional slider. Everything was squished between toasted buns of goodness and served with perfectly cooked fries and a choice of three dipping sauces (including a surprising wasabi!)

We got the opportunity to hear form the owner herself who has impressively had three careers. First cop, then CFO, then finally, restauranteur. With a diverse background in professions, she's proven she has the stamina to overcome hardship. Just last year, she was dealt with grief, but found solace from the Pinnacle Peak Mountains. Therefore, PNPK is inspired and named by the Pinnacle Peak Mountains, and even the cocktail menu reflects this theme as well. Speaking of which, the pink Tickle Me PNPK Punch is packed with the sweet taste of prickly pear, a perfect pairing to the nature-inspired menu.