Event // Cocktails at Honor Amongst Thieves

On Wednesday, May 30th, the speakeasy Honor Amongst Thieves opened its doors to food bloggers alike for an evening of deliciously, devilish cocktails. The bar, hidden above Stock & Stable, is dimly lit and cozy. The cocktail menu is inspired by classic American literature, and we got to try the Painkiller, Devil in a Red Dress, Busty Lou, Still Smokin', and an Old Fashioned. My favorite was the Devil in a Red Dress which had Orgeat, a nut-based syrup, vodka, lime juice, and pomegranate juice. The Old Fashioned had a mix of rye and bourbon and was impressively on tap! The Still Smokin' was literally, smoking, as one of its main ingredients was fired-up rosemary. It was a pleasure hearing the stories, watching the demos of the skilled bartenders, Bill, Titus, David and Steve, and tasting each unique cocktail. Finally, we were treated to an array of bites, from the charcuterie board, steak, cauliflower, and egg rolls.