Event // Grand Opening Angels Trumpet Ale House

On Friday, August 10th, a special luncheon was planned to celebrate the Grand Opening of Angels Trumpet Ale House. We were all given cute bags of hops, and kicked off the luncheon with delicious wings and golden ales. As we toured the building - which is huge! - we learned that the building is located in an old 1950's mall, and the owners, Sharry and Mat decided to keep the structure and integrity of that time. There's actually a very cool craft cocktail lounge on the west wing of the building, appropriately titled Tall Glass. In addition, the pair announced that they will be opening their own Angels' Trumpet brewery right in the restaurant and preparations were already underway! Finally we sat down for lunch and everything tasted delicious. I particularly liked my Spam sliders and fries with cheese curds. Congrats to Angels Trumpet Ale House - what a perfect way to start the weekend. 

Angels Trumpe Ale House1
Angels Trumpet Ale House2
Angels Trumpet Ale House 3
Angels Trumpet Ale House 4
Angels Trumpet Ale House 6