Feature // Phoenix Fall Travels : Camping in Payson

Last week, I went camping with a few of my favorite food bloggers. We drove from Phoenix to Payson, a quick hour and a half drive up the 87N to the Aspen Campground. What I love about the Aspen Campground is its proximity to the Mogollon Rim and Woods Canyon Lake. Equipped with my Verizon Google Clips and Verizon Google Pixel 2, I was ready to capture the moment whenever it struck.


We were so happy to have reached the Mogollon Rim that we all did a little dance up there! I caught it with my new Verizon Google Clips, super easy, small, and fun to use! Mogollon Rim is often referred to as Arizona’s “backbone” for its massive 200-mile-long-geologic uplift, and the views up there are epic.

Back at the campsite, my two girlfriends and I made up a tent all by ourselves. We did this while listening to Cardi B’s “I Like It” on my Verizon JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker. This is the first time I’ve given a quality speaker a chance, and what a difference it makes! It’s compact and waterproof (helpful during the rain), and even though we left it on the picnic table, we could still hear it from far away.


Later with the cloudy skies clearing up, we decided to walk down to Woods Canyon Lake. I loved using my Google Clips to capture our walk and celebratory selfie once we got there!

When we got back, we saw a whole family of deer! We set up a roaring fire to roast some s’mores and had a wonderful evening. In the morning, we made a tasty breakfast of hash browns, eggs, and of course, bacon! I captured all of my pictures with the Verizon Google Pixel 2. The secondary selfie lens is on-point! You couldn't even tell that the camera was rotated. Overall, this trip was a refreshing escape from the Phoenix heat and a kickass way to kick off the fall!