Event // T. Cook's Introduces New Chef Alex Robinson

T. Cook’s, located in the Royal Palms Hotel, has always transported me to another destination. Their picturesque courtyard looks like a scene I would find at a romantic café in Europe, and during sunset hours, has some of the best views of Camelback Mountain in the area. It is no surprise then, to find that their new culinary menu, both delights and surprises. I had the pleasure of dining and sampling the new chef’s menu.

To fully understand the menu, one must understand the chef. Chef Alex Robinson has a unique background in that not only does he have experience at the Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons, but has both Californian and French sensibilities. He also has an exuberant personality, and it’s translated into his distinct culinary flair.

We started off with the Maine Diver Sea Scallops, the Grilled Spanish Octopus, and The Hot Stone. The seafood was truly refreshing, the scallops were tender, and the octopus had great texture and flavor. However, the Hot Stone was the highlight of our appetizers. We cooked slices of wagyu beef on a hot stone, and drizzled yuzu ponzu sauce on top, sprinkling in scallions and garlic as well. The result was beautifully tender meat cooked right in front of us.

For our entrees, we had the Colorado Rack of Lamb as well as the Wagyu Snake River Farms Striploin. Again, the wagyu steak continued to impress. The tender meat was perfectly cooked, and on a bed of lobster risotto, it was a pleasure to eat, bite after bite. The Colorado Rack of Lamb looked magnificent, and had a sweet potato puree and a burgundy piquillo-mint jam that paired well with it as well. Finally, for dessert we had The Arcadia Orange. This playful white chocolate mousse had a hazelnut center, and looked exactly like an orange! It absolutely tasted divine. Overall, super impressed with Chef Alex and his menu. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store!

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