Review // Pokitrition

Pokitrition was first founded by four friends who went to ASU. One of the friends, Jimmy, studied as sushi chef and this influenced his decision to help start the company. The four just wanted to bring cool, fresh, local food to the Valley. They fly in fish fresh from Hawaii on the daily and have become infamous for their….sushi burritos!

Coolest part about the sushi burrito? You get to customize it.  I ordered the marinated tuna, siracha aioli, ponzo sauce, seaweed, and spicy crab. I call this one the MerBear. Oh, and did I just name every single favorite thing about Japanese food? Yes! This made me especially happy because oh my gosh, this burrito was so big and delicious. I probably ate it too fast and furiously, but no regrets! How could I not fall in love at first bite? If you guys are in Chandler, Tempe, or just in Arizona, definitely check Pokitrition out.

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