DIsclosure Policty

All content on She Forks PHX is written by me, Mer Norwood.  In the event that content is not my own, it will be disclosed at the end of the post.  This may include a contributing writer for instance.

Working with brands & local businesses

All opinions and views on this website are my own.  I am sometimes compensated to work with brands and companies which may be in the form of food, product, money or a combination, and will always be disclosed at the end of the respective post.  Compensation does not effect my reviews in any way.  If I give a positive review, it’s because I feel the product deserves rightful recognition.

Sharing content

Unless otherwise stated, my writing and photos are my own work. I will credit third parties if I use their images. If you would like to share my writing or photos on your own website, please link back to the original post and clearly credit my writing or photos to She Forks PHX.  Please refrain from using my content as your own.  You do have my permission to share my content on social networking websites such as (but not limited to) Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as long as you credit She Forks PHX and provide a link to the original post. You do not assume the rights to my original content.